22 Dec 2023 | Edukatips

Paying for Singapore MRT using Contactless Feature

When traveling around Singapore, MRT is the most common mode of transportation of choice. Besides being cheaper compared to other modes of transport such as offline and online taxis, Singapore MRT covers almost the entire country.

Now, Singapore MRT supports contactless payments available on BCA Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. You can make payments by simply tapping your card on the Contactless Payment machine.

The provisions for contactless transactions on BCA Mastercard Debit and Credit cards on the Singapore MRT are as follows:

  • The Customer will be charged a first-time tap fee of SGD 0.1 at Singapore MRT machines and an administrative fee of SGD 0.6 per day charged to the Customer while using MRT services in Singapore.
  • The transaction amount on the Singapore MRT will be charged to the Customer in one bill, which accumulates the cost of several trips.
  • The Customer’s balance will be deducted according to the total accumulated travel expenses within 5 working days from the first tap or after reaching the minimum billing limit of SGD 15 (whichever condition is met first).
  • For details of travel transactions on the Singapore MRT, customers can download the SimplyGo app on GooglePlay or AppStore and make sure to maintain sufficient balance in the account according to travel expenses for a successful debit to avoid the Debit card being blocked by the Singapore MRT. For further inquiries on Singapore MRT services, customers can go to https://simplygo.com.sg/.
  • Fees and billing mechanisms for public transport transactions follow each transport service provider's policies.

See how to activate and conditions regarding transaction limits for Contactless Debit Cards here and Contactless Credit Cards here.

Always keep your BCA Debit and Credit cards safe! If your card is lost, block it immediately via BCA mobile, myBCA or contact Halo BCA 1500888.