09 May 2022 | Edukatips

Get to Know the Types of Zakat and How to Pay It

Zakat is an obligatory on an adult Muslim who can afford it. There are various types of zakat and differences in how to pay for them. Fulfilling this obligation is also an expression of devotion to God. Therefore, it is a mandatory process for Muslims who meet the Nisab threshold.

Now, paying zakat has never been easier with the Lifestyle feature in BCA mobile. This feature has made it easier for those who wish to fulfil their obligation to pay zakat.

  1. Select Lifestyle feature and select Zakat
  2. Fill in your data and register 
  3. Select the category and zakat distributor, and fill in the amount payable
  4. Make the payment, your zakat payment is successful

Isn’t it easy now to make your zakat payment? You can now use the Fitur Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile to fulfil your zakat obligation. For full information, check in here.