22 Apr 2022 | Edukatips

7 Anti Mainstream Eid Hampers Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Want to give an interesting Eid hamper but confused about what to fill it with? Parcels or hampers do not just contain drinks or pastries. With the development of the times, there are many creations of Eid hampers that can be created. Ranging from clothing, tableware, personal care products, and much more.

Here are some contemporary and unique hamper ideas that can be an interesting choice for your family and loved ones.

1. Worship equipment

Eid al-Fitr is a day where Muslims are closer to Allah SWT. Worship equipment such as mukena, sarong, and prayer mat can be one of the hamper ideas that are suitable for Eid.

This various equipment is also durable and can always be used both for Eid prayers and for daily worship. To make it more interesting, you can also add various other worship equipment such as caps and prayer beads with the same color.

2. Cutlery

If so far, most of the hampers contain food such as pastries, what if this year you provide cutlery? Bowls, plates, or mugs can be the best choice if you want to give tableware.

Usually, tea sets can also be an option that you can try. Hampers this one is suitable to be given to the family of friends who just moved house. Cutlery can also be used as a unique display at home!

3. Body care

Welcoming a big day like Eid, of course, everyone wants to look fresher and look clean. Taking care of the body in the month of fasting also an extra, because the body lacks fluids so that the skin can look drier and prone to dehydration during fasting.

You can give Eid hampers containing body wash, moisturizer, body lotion to perfume. If you want to provide a set of body treatments, it is better to choose products that are safe for all skin types so that they are more useful to use.

4. Pastries and market snacks

These two snacks are mandatory snacks that are always at home every month of Ramadan. Therefore, this snack can be the right hamper idea for this year.

You can give several types of pastries and delicious market snacks at once such as nastar, kastengel, spring rolls, lemper, and various other types. Usually, the packaging of this snack will be given a beautiful container so that the hamper looks attractive.

5. Chocolate

Want to give hampers while expressing your love for your family, girlfriend, or close friends? Chocolate can be the right choice. This sweet food is synonymous with expressions of affection and warmth to celebrate family moments.

6. Ornamental plants

If your friends or family are lovers of ornamental plants, it never hurts to give this plant as a gift. Moreover, ornamental plants are also easily obtained online with safer packaging.

Ornamental plants already have a beautiful shape, you also don't need to wrap them excessively. Simply wrap and give a greeting card is enough to enhance its appearance.

Those are some unique Eid hamper ideas that can be used as options. So, no need to be confused about choosing the best hampers for family, friends, and loved ones.

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