20 May 2022 | Edukatips

Ease of Paying Tax on Dividends via e-Banking BCA

Bank BCA always provides ease and solutions for all its customers in conducting banking transactions, including paying taxes. BCA also makes it easy for investors who wish to pay their taxes on dividend.

Currently, dividend tax payments can be made through BCA e-Banking, be it through the ATM, KlikBCA, and KlikBCA Bisnis. The process is easy, fast, and convenient. Look at the detail steps below:

Dividend Tax Payment via ATM

  1. Insert the Card and enter your PIN at the ATM BCA
  2. Select “Penarikan Tunai/Transaksi Lainnya”
  3. Continue by selecting “Transaksi Lainnya”
  4. Then select “Pembayaran”
  5. Select the “MPN/Pajak” menu
  6. Select “Penerimaan Negara”
  7. Enter the 15 digit Billing code* and make sure the code entered is correct
  8. Finally, the tax amount will appear on the screen. Select “Ya/Tidak”.

Dividend Tax Payment via KlikBCA

  1. Enter your user ID and password on KlikBCA, and then select the Bill Payment menu
  2. Select “Pajak” and select the type of State Revenue tax
  3. When you enter the Billing Code*, the amount of tax payable will appear on the screen
  4. Finally, enter the KeyBCA response to pay.

Dividend Tax Payment via KlikBCA Bisnis

  1. Enter your KlikBCA Bisnis user ID and password, select the “Pembayaran Tagihan” menu, and Input Data.
  2. Enter the Billing Code* and fund source account
  3. Detailed information about the tax payable will appear. Click “Kirim” to proceed.
  4. A successful Data Input will appear and make sure the data displayed is correct.
  5. Continue payment by selecting the “Pembayaran Tagihan” menu, and “Otorisasi Transaksi”. Complete the transaction by entering the response code from KeyBCA.

*Billing Code can be obtained through DJP Online

How to get a tax billing code, click here.

Easy, isn’t it? For full information about the payment of dividend tax and other bills via BCA e-Banking, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or mention us on Twitter @HaloBCA.