04 Apr 2022 | Edukatips

How to Buy Movie Tickets and Subscription for Streaming Services

People spend more and more time watching series shows or go to the cinema these days. Especially now that more blockbuster movies are being released from action, comedy, drama, and many more. Moreover, now you can watch many movies easily be it through online streaming services or at the cinema because buying tickets can now be done easily without having to wait in line to buy them over the counter.

Whatever the movie is, you can buy the ticket or voucher via BCA mobile app through the Lifestyle feature.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, how to do that? Check the steps below:

Buy Movie Tickets via BCA mobile

  1. Log into BCA mobile, select ‘Lifestyle’ feature
  2. Select the ‘Tiket Bioskop’ menu and select ‘Pilihan Kota’ and ‘Tampilkan’

  3. Select the movie, schedule, and studio
  4. Click ‘Konfirmasi’ to proceed to payment, and your purchase is successful.

Streaming Services Subscription via BCA mobile

  1. Log into BCA mobile, select ‘Lifestyle’ feature
  2. Select ‘Voucher Streaming’, and select streaming platform
  3. Choose the subscription plan you want, and proceed to ‘Bayar Sekarang’
  4. Click ‘Konfirmasi’, your subscription is successful

The Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile also offers other services to make it easier for you to go through your day, from buying flight and train tickets, hotel bookings, daily shopping & health services, game voucher purchases, ticket purchases for events & attractions, ordering a cab, and Donation & Zakat.

Life #HasBeenMadeSimpler, all needs and lifestyle can be accommodated by the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile without having to go through the hassle of switching between applications.

For more information about the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile, please click here.