31 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

Easy Ways to Top Up Flazz

The use of e-money has become an important part of daily transaction activities. One of them is the Flazz card which is widely used to meet various needs.

Flazz is a multifunctional electronic money equipped with chip technology and radio frequency identification (RFID). You can use this card to simplify and speed up the non-cash payment process. Flazz makes various transactions more practical, such shopping at tens of thousands of merchant outlets, paying tolls, parking, public transportation, and other transactions. Simply tap the card, and all payments are done in an instant.

Seeing its key function, the ease of Flazz top-ups becomes crucial.

So, what if your Flazz balance runs out when you want to make a transaction? No need to worry about this. Because Flazz top-ups can be done easily, conveniently, and practically.

Top up Flazz via myBCA

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Select the “Flazz” feature
  3. Place the Flazz card on the NFC in your mobile device
  4. Your Flazz card balance information will appear, then click “Top Up”
  5. Select the fund source account
  6. Enter the top-up amount
  7. Click “Lanjut” to confirm the transaction
  8. Enter the myBCA PIN
  9. Place the Flazz card on the NFC in your mobile device
  10. Transaction details will appear when the top-up is successful

Checking Flazz Balance via myBCA

  1. Open myBCA, select the “Flazz” feature
  2. Place the Flazz card on the NFC in your mobile device
  3. Your Flazz card balance information will appear

Top up Flazz via ATM BCA

  • Insert the Paspor BCA into the ATM BCA
  • Enter PIN
  • Select Flazz
  • Select Top Up
  • Enter the amount you wish to top up (minimum of Rp 20,000)
  • Press the Benar button
  • Withdraw your Paspor BCA card and then insert the Flazz card into the ATM
  • The screen will display the remaining balance on the Flazz card & the Top Up amount
  • Press the Benar button then enter your PIN
  • After a successful transaction, the ATM will print out a receipt
  • Take your Flazz card

Top up Flazz via BCA mobile

  • Open the BCA mobile app
  • Select m-BCA and enter the access code
  • Select Flazz
  • Place the Flazz card on the NFC of your phone
  • Select Top Up Flazz
  • Select the top-up amount, or enter the amount in the Other Amount menu
  • Enter your  m-BCA PIN
  • Place the card again on the NFC of your phone until the top-up process is complete
  • If the transaction is successful, the Flazz card balance will increase & the message "top up is successful" will appear

*Top-up via BCA mobile can only be done for Flazz card with new logo. For full Information, please check here.

Top up Flazz via EDC BCA

For Flazz top up via EDC, you can directly come to BCA branch offices/merchants that serve Flazz Top Up.

Top Up Flazz via Blibli Apps

  1. Login to Blibli account, choose “Electronic Money”, then clik “Flazz”.
  2. Tap your Flazz card to your phone, then will appear card number and the amount
  3. Click “Top Up” and choose numbers you want to top up
  4. Click “Continue to payment” then choose payment method
  5. After finish the payment, click “Update Balance” then tap your card to your phone
  6. Top up success


  • Flazz feature on Blibli apps only available on version 9.3.0 and up. Update your Blibli now.
  • Flazz top up via Blibli only can be done for Flazz with latest logo.

For those who own an expired BCA Debit with Flazz logo, you don’t need to worry! You can still enjoy the ease of transaction and automatically renew the validity period of the Flazz card until 31 December 2022 by making a Flazz top up via ATM/EDC BCA!

As the saying goes, all roads lead to rome, there are also many ways to top up your Flazz card balance. Top your Flazz following the instructions as mentioned above to ensure smooth transactions every day.

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