21 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

Modification Tips for New Motorbikes

Modifying a motorcycle is a hobby of many. It aims to make the look of your motorcycle more unique and attractive. At times, it even makes your bikes look entirely new.

Not only that, modifications can also improve the driving performance. All motorbikes can be modified according to your needs. However, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Remember to only make modifications to the parts that really need a change or an addition, especially if it is a new motorcycle. Check out the tips to modify your new ride.

1. Change the Wheel Rims

Wheel rims are the easiest part of a motorbike to replace. It can help change the appearance to whatever look you’re aiming for. There are two types of rims to choose from, namely wire-spoked wheels and alloy wheels.

Spoked wheels bring a vintage-style and elegant aesthetic to your road bikes. This type of wheel is usually bolted on various classic bikes, such as café racer and scrambler.

2. Modify the Exhaust Pipe

Other part of a motorcycle that you can modify is the exhaust pipe. Not only does it change the appearance, but it also makes a significant change in your bike performance. It is because the exhaust is part of the vehicle system on the internal combustion engine.

Choose an exhaust that provides deep and smooth sound that ensures air to flow efficiently. Set a noise limit generated by the exhaust. It is illegal to modify an exhaust system to make it noisier.

On the other hand, modified exhaust gives a new look to your bike. Get a larger diameter pipe to make your bike look cool.

3. Custom Seat

Once done with performance and appearance modifications, it’s time to bring more comfort to your ride. Custom seat modifications are the best way to make your ride more comfortable.

Adjust the modification to your daily driving routine. Ensure that only the best foam and seat covers are used for your custom seat. It is also better to add a back rest.

4. Improved Braking System

All new motorcycles are equipped with a good braking system. However, there is no harm in making it even better by making few modifications. Changing rear drum brakes to disc brakes will surely makes the braking system better.

Disc brake conversions are becoming more popular in motorcycle modification. It makes a significant change on the appearance of the tires. However, keep the modification to fit the diameter of the tires to look awesome.

5. Adding Stickers

Another modification that will bring out new look is stickers. This can easily make a motorcycle stands out among the crowds. Simply because people naturally see things from the outside, don’t they?

Carefully select the best quality stickers so it would last. Ensure the application is done correctly. Check for bubbles as it is a sign that the stickers are not applied properly.

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