07 Jun 2023 | Edukatips

How to Accept QRIS BCA mobile Payments Using QR Reader and EDC BCA

For business owners who have the new BCA EDC feature, QRIS CPM (Consumer Presented Mode) equipped with a QR Reader, now there is another alternative to accept payments with QRIS.

Here’s how to pay using QRIS BCA mobile via QR Reader

  1. On the EDC BCA machine, select “QR”
  2. Then select “Scan”
  3. Enter the transaction amount, then press the green/OK
  4. Instructions to scan QR will appear. Inform the customer to show the QR code from the QRIS feature on BCA mobile or other QRIS provider apps
  5. Point QR from BCA mobile or QRIS provider application to QR scanner

If the transaction is successful, a successful transaction approval will appear and EDC BCA will print a transaction receipt and make sure to hand over the receipt to the customer. Check the provider application at www.aspi-qris.id