08 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

Easy Ways to Check & Redeem Reward BCA

There are many advantages when using a BCA credit card for your transactions, such as cash-back rewards, discounts, special promos and other attractive programs. Furthermore, to improve customer loyalty in using BCA credit cards as a payment method, customers will receive Reward BCA points following each transaction.

Interesting, isn’t it? Do you know what Reward BCA is?

Reward BCA is a BCA loyalty point awarded to BCA credit cardholders in units determined by BCA for transactions made by customers.

So, how do you find BCA’s Reward? There are several ways to check BCA’s Reward, namely BCA’s website, BCA mobile and myBCA.

How to check BCA’s Reward via BCA mobile

  1. Open m-BCA and then log in using the access code
  2. Select m-Info 
  3. Click “Info Reward BCA” and enter your m-BCA PIN
  4. Information on Reward BCA will appear

How to check BCA’s Reward via Website

  1. Go to www.bca.co.id/id/individu/produk/reward-bca
  2. Select “Check Reward BCA”
  3. Enter your BCA Credit /Debit Card number and date of birth
  4. Information on Reward BCA will appear

How to connect BCA’s Reward to myBCA

First, link Reward to your myBCA account by following these steps:

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Go to the “Akun Saya” menu
  3. Select “Kontrol Akun”
  4. Select “Personalisasi BCA ID”
  5. Check the “Reward” section
  6. Click “Simpan”
  7. Reward has been linked to myBCA account

How to Check Reward BCA on myBCA

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Select the "Akun Saya" menu
  3. Reward BCA, Reward AMEX, and Reward UnionPay will appear in the "Reward" menu
  4. Click “Reward” for detailed information

How to redeem BCA’s Reward

Please visit merchants that have EDC BCA machine with Reward BCA sign to save on your transactions:

  1. Merchant inserts a BCA credit card into EDC machine
  2. Merchant enters the transaction amount
  3. Confirmation of Reward BCA Redemption and the amount of redeem points appears
  4. The customer confirms and enters his/her PIN
  5. Transaction is successful, EDC will print out a receipt

Enjoy the benefits and increase your transactions using BCA credit cards. Collect the points to enjoy more advantages from Reward BCA.

For more information about Reward BCA, click here. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends.