02 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

The Latest Car Trends of 2022, Find the Car of Your Choice!

There’s a world of choice in today’s car market and choosing a car can be a daunting process. It’s not only about keeping up with the latest car trends, users must also know the most effective and efficient vehicle for them.

Many people ended up with the wrong car. Meanwhile, a car is an asset that must be carefully chosen to best fit users’ requirements. To avoid the mistake, check the information below on the latest car trends in Indonesia.

What are the latest car trends in Indonesia?

1. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

An SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle, is generally a cross between a sedan and a jeep. As a means of transportation made to handle different terrains, an SUV becomes one of the most popular among those who often travel far or drive to difficult terrain.

2. Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

A multi-purpose vehicle that relies heavily on its carrying or payload capacity makes this type popular among those who travel in big groups or with family.

3. Crossover

A crossover is generally a smaller car in terms of shape and size. With a focus on aerodynamics, a crossover is seen as the most practical car type. Despite its smaller payload capacity, crossovers have gotten so popular due to their practicality, especially for people who drive in crowded urban areas.

4. Hatchback

Hatchback cars become so popular in recent years that appeal to young buyers, both male and female. Hatchbacks represent a ‘neutral’ design and look and the ideal combination of casual and sporty styles.

In terms of functions, hatchbacks are not too different from crossovers, but they offer more flexibility. A hatchback

5. Sedan

A sedan is most ideal for users who travel lightly with not many passengers. It screams luxury and class that boosts the user’s confidence. In addition, the trunk is separate, allowing for bigger cargo space. There’s no doubt that sedan cars remain popular among the rich people in Indonesia.

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