31 Aug 2021 | Edukatips

How to Realize Your Dream Home with KPR BCA ONLINEXPO

BCA once again launches KPR BCA ONLINEXPO from 9 September - 11 November 2021, which collaborates with more than 300 housing and apartments, more than 179 property agent offices, and renowned furniture retailers that offer various attractive promos that you can enjoy. 

At KPR BCA ONLINEXPO this time, BCA offers special low and flexible mortgage interest rates, one of which is a 3-year fixed rate of 4.5% eff.p.a., which applies to new & old homes. At the KPR BCA ONLINEXPO, you can check your dream home in the following ways:

  1. Go to bca.id/kprexpo
  2. Then, click on the event entry section
  3. In the “Cari Rumah” section, you can search for properties based on the project name, developers, and even the property agent's office you’re looking for
  4. If you are already sure about the house and the offer, simply click the “Ajukan KPR” button
  5. If you want to consult and get more information, you can click the Contact Me and Live Chat feature buttons with service hours day from 08.30 – 19.00 WIB.

General Provisions for the KPR BCA application are as follows:

  1. Indonesian Citizen
  2. Minimum age of 18 years old or married, maximum age of 55 years old for employees, and 65 years old for entrepreneurs/professionals.

For further details and required documents, please visit rumahsaya.bca.co.id. 

In addition to purchasing a property (new or old), KPR BCA also serves as a solution to various financial needs, including consumption, productivity, and renovation needs. 

Wait no more! Go to KPR BCA ONLINEXPO now by clicking here to realize your dream home!