24 Aug 2021 | Edukatips

Looking for An Affordable Motorcycle? Find Out 3 Best Times to Buy One

Motorcycles are convenient for our daily life. Many people use it for various needs, from going to work, shopping, and going around the city. In Indonesia, almost everyone has a motorcycle due to its practicality in shortening our commute.

But, did you know when is the best time to buy a motorcycle? Let’s take a look at the information below.

High Maintenance Cost

Old motorcycles need extra maintenance. Besides because it is old, old motorcycles usually have expired warranties and free services. Thus, repair costs must come out of your pocket. It would not matter much if you only have to replace the oil, but what if you need to change expensive spare parts? That is money flowing out of your pocket.

In this case, you may want to consider purchasing a new one instead of spending extra maintenance costs for old motorcycles.

During the End of the Year

It is common knowledge dealers and showrooms often launch big promos nearing the end of the year. Taglines, such as small down payment and installment, low interest, and even price discount, are easy to find during these times. First, this is because automotive producers have clearance sales to meet their sales target. Second, the release of newer motorcycles will cause the old models to be discounted. You should take advantage of these promos to purchase a new motorcycle.

Motorcycle Credit Promo from Banks

As a financial institution offering financing services, including motorcycle credits (KSM), banks also often offer promos you should not miss. For example, BCA has BCA KSM service. Even in 2021, BCA KSM offers a small down payment of 7.5% for all types of motorcycles that you want. Cool, isn’t it?

It is time to purchase a new motorcycle to support your mobility. Make your dream come true with BCA KSM. Check out more information about BCA KSM here. Share this information to your friends!