22 Jul 2021 | Edukatips

Make Your Dream House Comes True, Check Out Various Benefits of BCA ONLINEXPO!

As one of the primary needs, a house has multiple benefits, from facilitating family gatherings, a place to rest your head, and as an investment.

Good news for you who are planning and even want to immediately purchase your dream house, KPR BCA ONLINEXPO is here for you from 1-31 July 2021 offering incredible benefits that you should not miss. What are they? Check this out!

  • KPR BCA ONLINEXPO has various interest rates, from fixed to fixed and cap interest.
    1. The fixed interest means the interest does not change for a certain period of time, so it gives more certainty. After the fixed period ends, the next interest rate will go into the market interest rate, or usually called interest rates
    2. The fixed and cap interest rate means the unchanged fixed interest during a certain period of time and after the fixed period ends will go into the floating interest rate with a value surpassing the Cap interest rate.
  • KPR BCA ONLINEXPO offers various options of special interest, one of them is the 5,25 percent eff.p.a 3-years Fixed Special Interest (interest is effective per year)
  • KPR BCA ONLINEXPO exhibits more than 290 housings and apartments with 150 property agencies, and many retail furniture promos. You can feel free to choose among properties, such as houses, apartments, house-shops, new or second. KPR BCA can also be used for house renovation purposes.
  • KPR BCA application can be done online by filling in the e-form at bca.co.id and you can track the request status on rumahsaya.bca.co.id

There are so many benefits you can get at KPR BCA ONLINEXPO. What are you waiting for? Join the KPR BCA ONLINEXPO now! Click this link here to make your dream house come true.

For more information on KPR BCA ONLINEXPO, call Halo BCA at 1500888 or mention @HaloBCA on Twitter.