07 Jul 2021 | Edukatips

How to Deposit Cash at the Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM!

Whether you bring your ATM card or not, you can always deposit cash at the Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM. Do you want to know how? Check this out!

How to do cardless cash deposit at the Withdraw-Deposit BCA ATM

1. Log in to your BCA mobile


2. Choose the “Cardless” menu


3. Choose “Setor Tunai” menu


4. Choose the account to deposit your money to


5. Confirm the transaction


6. You will see a 6-digit transaction code to use at the ATM


7. Find the nearest Deposit Withdraw BCA ATM and choose the “Transaksi Tanpa Kartu” menu


8. Type in the phone number registered on your BCA mobile, then click “Benar”


9. Type in the 6-digit transaction code, then click “Benar”


10. Insert the Rp50.000/Rp100.000 notes to the ATM


11. Make sure the amount is right, then click “Setor”. It’s all done.


How to cash deposit with card at Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM

1. Find the nearest Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM and insert the card in there

2. Key in the ATM PIN

3. Choose “Setoran Tunai” menu


4. Insert the Rp50.000/Rp100.000 notes into the ATM


5. Make sure the amount is right, then click “Setor”.


6. Choose the account destination, and you are done!

How to deposit cash without a card at an ATM with myBCA

  1. Login to myBCA then select the “Cardless” menu
  2. Select “Setor Tunai
  3. Select or Search Tujuan Setor Tunai

  4. Confirm the destination account number for cash deposit. If it's correct, click “Lanjut
  5. Enter PIN

  6. A mobile number and transaction code will appear to be entered at the ATM machine

  7. Come to the BCA ATM, then select the Cardless Transaction menu and enter your mobile number and transaction code. Then put cash in the ATM. If the cash deposit is successful, a successful cash deposit notification will appear on your mobile home screen.
  8. If you want to see the transaction again, it can be seen in the menu Riwayat.

Whatever the method is, cash deposit is all smooth to do!

Some important information for you to know.

  • Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM operates 24 hours
  • Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM only receives Rp50.000 anda Rp100.000 notes
  • Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATM does not accept torn cash money
  • The transaction code received by BCA mobile lasts for 60 minutes

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