10 May 2021 | Edukatips

It’s Lebaran, Times to Share. How About You?

Lebaran, or Eid al-Fitr, is a moment to share. It is a day when people are more generous and love their nieces.

Usually, sharing ‘THR’ is done in the form of cash, but things have changed with the pandemic. Face-to-face meetings are limited due to physical distancing requirements. 

But, do not let it stop you from sharing your blessings. With BagiBagi, sharing THR becomes more flexible, across spaces and across islands.

Did you know what BagiBagi is? It is a money-sharing feature from BCA mobile for people who have Sakuku app. The amount of money being shared can be equal (fixed) or differentiated (random).

BagiBagi is a simple and fun money-sharing platform. Send it once to a maximum of 99 people. Not every child has bank accounts, but do not worry because BagiBagi can send money to Sakuku without needing any bank account. Sakuku is similar to a bank account, but with a phone number.

How much do you want to share? For example, Rp10.000.000. How many nieces do you have? For example, 10. Do you want to share equally Rp1.000.000 per kid or random from Rp500.000 to Rp1.000.000? If you make it random, it will be fun for everyone. You can share it through BagiBagi during iftar.

When you create a BagiBagi link, there are electronic cards you can choose according to your taste to deliver messages to the receivers.

BagiBagi link has a time limit, it will expire in 24 hours and the money would be returned to the source account. 

After you sent a link, you can see how much is shared through BCA mobile app, who received it and how much. If you do it randomly, you can find out who received a certain amount and who received the highest amount.

Make sure the sender use BCA mobile app and the receivers have Sakuku downloaded on their phones.

Create happiness for this Lebaran through BagiBagi with your extended families.