26 Apr 2021 | Edukatips

Fulfill Your Needs Easier with BCA mobile Lifestyle Feature

We always have needs that must be fulfilled to do our daily activities without any obstacles. Especially during Ramadan, people’s needs have increased with the preparation for sahoor and iftar, ngabuburit, and also the preparation in welcoming Eid al-Fitri.

Fortunately, today’s digital banking technology can accommodate those challenges. BCA presents a Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile to make it easier for people to fulfill their needs during Ramadan.


What are the benefits of the Lifestyle feature during Ramadan?

Grocery Shopping Without Hassle

If you are feeling lazy, just move your fingers on BCA mobile. You can get everything you need during Ramadan while you relax at home using BCA mobile’s Lifestyle feature and select Belanja Harian.

Whatever you need for Ramadan is here, such as snacks, takjil, food, toiletries, and home appliances. Using the Lifestyle feature, daily groceries during Ramadhan get easier. You only need to click, pay, and your order will soon arrive at your door.


Optimum Streaming and Watching

Watching your favorite shows is always fun, especially with friends or families during Ramadan. Good news is you no longer have to get out of your house or change applications to buy streaming vouchers. You can just open BCA mobile on your smartphone. Click Lifestyle and tap Voucher Streaming, you will see different streaming platforms to choose such as Vidio, GTunes, Genflix, Mola TV, iTunes, Sushiroll, and Twitch.

Using the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile, enjoying entertainment can be more optimum. You can do everything, from streaming the latest movies and series, watching sports live, to listening to trending music.


What are you waiting for? Download BCA mobile and use the Lifestyle feature to fulfill your needs during Ramadan. Share this information with your friends!