10 Feb 2021 | Edukatips

Do Not be Sad on Chinese New Year, Sharing Angpao is Now Simple with BCA mobile

Amidst the prolonged pandemic, many of us are sad because we cannot gather with our families during the holidays. This year’s Chinese New Year, for example, feels different due to our inability to go home and meet our parents and participate in family traditions.

To the ones celebrating, the most awaited tradition for millennials and gen-Z is angpao from parents and other relatives. But, because of the pandemic, this tradition cannot be done because we cannot go home and the angpao envelope would have the risk of virus transmission.

Teach your extended family about angpao sharing via BagiBagi from BCA mobile

Hey, do not be sad. You can still enjoy the holiday’s warmth and receive your angpao amidst the existing limitations. How? You can teach your extended family and relatives to share angpao using a simple method by taking advantage of the BagiBagi feature on BCA mobile.

The BagiBagi feature allows you to share money/angpao using BCA mobile app with your friends/families who have Sakuku app installed in their phones. The amount being shared can be fixed or random according to your luck! So, when distance separates you from families, or you are scared of the Covid-19 virus, you can still share angpao!

How to use BagiBagi feature on BCA mobile?

  1. Log in to your BCA mobile and select BagiBagi feature on the home screen.
  2. Choose a greeting card you like.
  3. Determine the method, random or fixed. Enter the amount, the number of recipients, and the greeting that you want to send, and click Lanjut.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter your PIN for confirmation. Make sure everything is correct.
  5. A link will be provided after you confirm. Share the link to your families, so they can get the money you shared.
  6. For recipients, make sure you already have Sakuku app installed on your phone. You just need to install the app and click the shared link. Your balance will automatically be added. Yeaay!

Complete Information

It’s so easy! Tell your families to use BCA BagiBagi feature, so you can still enjoy the holiday’s warmth and not miss out on the angpaoyou usually receive every year. Do not forget to tell your families to choose a fixed mode so you won’t be sad of not being lucky this year. But, if you want to try your luck, request your families to try the random mode on the BagiBagi feature on BCA mobile.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year holiday with BagiBagi feature on BCA mobile.