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Simplify Employee Salary Payment at Your Company

Every company dreams of being a good place to work, loved by its employees, and desired by people who want to work there. To make this come true, a company must have good values and systems, including human resources management. A company must have a sustainable HR system to adapt to various changes in the future.

We are currently in industry 4.0, where there are so many utilizations of new technology, such as cloud computing, big data, internet of things, robots, and other technologies. If we cannot adapt, we will be left behind. Therefore, companies must equip their employees with various latest skills to be able to adapt with technological advancement.

This condition is accelerated with the Covid-19, the pandemic forces us to take advantage of the internet for many purposes, including working. As we know, many companies now implement work-from-home and thus many jobs are using the internet, such as emails, virtual meetings, and webinars. Here, companies also learn to improve employees’ competency to become technology-savvy.

In the future, human resources challenges would not only be limited to employee development management, but also challenges in getting the best talents amidst competition with other companies. To add to that, there is also a need to manage administrative work, such as employee salary payments.

BCA understands the needs of business customers by presenting a convenience to process employee salary payments using Payroll BCA.

Payroll BCA, Benefits for Companies

  • Convenient processing and efficient payment of employee salary. Companies’ HR teams can focus their attention on other duties.
  • Payroll BCA has many channel options, such as KlikBCA Bisnis internet banking, BCA branches, and other channels customizable to customers’ needs.
  • The ease of opening employee accounts collectively or online through BCA mobile. Worry not, BCA does not apply a limit of minimum employees for Payroll.
  • Data privacy and security assurance where Payroll transaction data is confidential and important data.
  • Payroll BCA does not apply any transaction fee.

Payroll BCA, Benefits for Employees

  • Convenient transactions anywhere and anytime with a wide network of BCA’s ATM, Branches, and EDC throughout Indonesia, which is also supported by KlikBCA and BCA mobile internet banking facilities. BCA mobile is also supported with the latest technology, such as cardless transactions and QR payment.
  • Payroll BCA provides benefits of special interest rate and administrative fees for house ownership credit (KPR), motor vehicle credit (KKB), motorcycle credit (KSM), credit card, and personal loan for employees who receive their salaries through Payroll BCA.


BCA also provides other HR transaction needs, such as payments of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, and Tax.

Visit the nearest BCA branch to apply for Payroll BCA or contact cashmanagement@bca.co.id and Halo BCA Bisnis 1500998.

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