19 May 2020 | Edukatips

Top Up at Home Using Flazz with the New Logo Via BCA mobile

Hello guys,

Most of you must have been using Kartu Flazz on daily transactions, right?

Kartu Flazz now has a new logo!

Top Up via Your Smartphone

Not only can you check balances and mutations like with other versions of Flazz Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru, the one with this new logo has more benefits, which is Top Up via BCA mobile using Android and iOS smartphones. 

To Top Up Flazz via BCA mobile, make sure:

  • Your smartphone operating system is Android or iOS with Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.
  • Your minimal iOS device specification is iPhone 8 and iOS 13 for the software.
  • You are using the most updated version of BCA mobile.
  • Your financial feature in BCA mobile is already active.

How to Top Up Kartu Flazz via BCA mobile:

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

1. Open the BCA mobile app, select “m-BCA” and enter your access code

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

2. Select the Flazz menu

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

3. Put your Flazz card on the smartphone’s NFC area.

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

4. Select Top Up Flazz.

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

5. Choose or input the Top Up amount you desire.

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

6. Enter your m-BCA PIN.

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

7. Tap your Flazz card again on the smartphone’s NFC area. And, remember these tips.

  • For Android: tap your Flazz card on the back of the phone (the Android’s NFC is located on the back of the camera)
  • For iOS: tap your Flazz card on the front of the phone (the iOS’ NFC is located on the front of the camera)
  • Do not move your Flazz card before the Top Up is successful.

Edukatips – Flazz Berlogo Baru

8. Wait until the Top Up process is done.

Easy, right? Make sure the NFC feature is “ON” on your smartphone.

Like the other versions of Flazz, the new Flazz card with a new logo can be used to pay national toll fees, parking, F&B, minimarket, supermarket, hypermarket, gas station, book store, recreation, public transport (Transjakarta, MRT Jakarta, LRT, Commuter Line Jabodetabek, and many others), and in hundreds of other Kartu Flazz merchants.

You can also top up the new Flazz card at BCA ATM, BCA branch offices, myBCA and EDC merchants that serve Flazz Top Up such as Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Transjakarta bus shelter, train stations, and other merchants.


For more information, call HaloBCA at 1500888 or visit your nearest BCA branch.