15 Apr 2020 | Edukatips

#StayAtHome Let Money Works for You

For those who do not know yet, this is the time to understand #InvestFromHome while we #StayAtHome.

When you work to make money, is the money you make still working for you?

With today’s situation forcing you to #StayAtHome or #WorkFromHome, obviously, your mobility is limited and your income as well. So, then, how to make money work for you?

Let us introduce #InvestFromHome with the help of #BankingFromHome

When you spare some money for investment, you are considered an investor too. Age is not a barrier to being an investor.

What type of investment is suitable for you?

One’s investment should be suitable to each individual’s profile and character. In determining the right investment, there are four categories referring to each individual profile and character. Investment should start by identifying risk before you are tempted with profits.

How aggressive you want to get dividends determines the risks you will have. Know yourself whether you are a typical aggressive, moderate, conservative, or very conservative investor - find out here.

Knowing and understanding your own profile will make investing feels more comfortable and decision making can be made even more objectively and rationally.

Objectivity and rationality are essential so that short-term negative conditions will not change your long-term orientations.

Pick An Investment Type most suitable to Your Type

BCA and trusted Investment Managers offer Mutual Funds products: Money Market Mutual Funds (RDPU), Fixed Income Mutual Funds (RDPT), Mixed Mutual Funds (RDC), and Equity Mutual Funds (RDS). Understand the products, know the risks, and check the benefits here

Mutual Funds are a capital market’s product, not BCA’s. So, the account is different from your savings and you can open your BCA investment account, namely for a personal account or corporate account at BCA branches serving investment transactions.

Besides Mutual Funds, you may also invest in Bonds, namely securities in Rupiah and foreign currencies whichpayment of coupons and principal are guaranteed by the Republic of Indonesia where the funds collected will be used for Indonesia's financing needs.

Observe BCA’s Bond products:

Bond Products Options

After knowing your own profile and understanding the investment products, now you can simulate the investment using the Simulasi Reksa Dana.

Mind you, investment is long-term, it is not for temporary profits. So, play a long game. Run a marathon, spare money you earned in a certain period, then money will work for you. 

Prospective investors can plan Mutual Funds investments in the retail model (subscription) or periodically (auto-subscription) and support Indonesia by investing in the State’s Bond.