12 May 2020 | Edukatips

How to Picnic While #DiRumahAja

Living #DiRumahAja for months bores you? Are you imagining sunbathing at Maldives beach while at home? Are you missing your favorite holiday destinations that much?

Now, when #DiRumahAja, it is the chance to save more to make your dream holidays come true.

Wondering What Are the Benefits of Tahapan Berjangka BCA?

  • Low initial deposit, starting from Rp500.000 per month
  • Interest rates are above regular savings
  • Free to add funds at any time outside of the monthly deposit
  • E-statement facility and balance check feature via KlikBCA
  • Free life insurance coverage during the Tahapan Berjangka period
  • Help making your dreams come true
  • Establish your saving habits

To have your own Tahapan Berjangka BCA, you need to have a BCA account as the fund source account. If you already have a BCA account, you can open the Tahapan Berjangka BCA right away.

#DiRumahAja, Can I Open Tahapan Berjangka BCA?

Of course! If you are a KlikBCA user and have the financial feature activated, you can open the Tahapan Berjangka BCA #DiRumahAja. Here’s how:

  • Login to KlikBCA
  • Select Pembukaan Rekening menu
  • Select Tahapan Berjangka menu
  • Fill in the Tahapan Berjangka account opening commitment
  • Recheck your commitment, then hit send

If you have not activated your financial feature on KlikBCA, do it right away! Here’s how.

Easy, right? Open your Tahapan Berjangka BCA now.

Open Tahapan Berjangka BCA

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