29 Mar 2020 | Edukatips

3 (Three) Tips to Keep Practicing Physical Distancing

Hi guys,

To fight this COVID-19 global pandemic, the government asks us to practice physical distancing.

Physical distancing is an act of keeping or limiting our distance from making close contact with others to prevent the virus from spreading, such as avoiding crowds. Ideally, you should only stay at home.

The problem is, what if we really need to get out of the house? We may need to go to the office, shop for basic needs at the supermarket, or go to banks for financial needs.

Here are 3 (three) tips to keep practicing physical distance even when you have to go out of your house.

  • Going to work at the office

    Use your own vehicle if you have one. If you must use public transport, avoid peak hours when going to the office.

    When you are queuing on public transport, maintain your distance from others from 1 (one) to 2 (two) meters. Wear masks, and gloves, and use hand sanitisers.

    When you are on the elevator, avoid standing face to face and always maintain your distance with others when working or meeting.

  • Going to mini markets for basic needs shopping

    Find online shopping channels that provide delivery services to your house. Use an online payment, like OneKlik from BCA or online Debit Mastercard.

    If you must go to a mini or supermarket, keep your distance, wear gloves, and wear masks. Avoid paying directly at the register to prevent the virus from spreading. Ask the cashier for QRIS payment via BCA mobile or Sakuku.

  • Going to the bank for financial needs

    You don’t have to bother going to a bank branch office for your financial needs. Use the simple way: Banking from Home!

    • To open an account, use BCA mobile on your smartphone, and choose “Buka Rekening Baru.”
    • To pay bills, use the “m-Payment” feature on BCA mobile, and choose what to pay; credit card, cell phone, BPJS, insurance, internet, loans, etc.
    • To transfer money, use the “m-transfer” feature on BCA mobile and choose a transfer type. To top up e-wallet balances, click the “transfer Virtual Account” feature. To transfer to BCA/other bank accounts, click the “Antar Rekening” or “Antar Bank” features.
    • To purchase stuff, open the “m-commerce” feature and select the phone credit vouchers, prepaid electricity, internet package, etc.

What if you must withdraw money from the ATM or come to a BCA branch?

  • Always maintain a distance of 1-2 meters (physical distancing) from others. For example, when queuing at the ATM, make a space, or skip a seat in a sitting queue.
  • Always wash your hands or use hand sanitiser after everything.

It is always better to stay at home and maintain physical distancing rather than going out of the house. Stay safe and stay healthy, guys!