07 May 2020 | Edukatips

Fun Ngabuburit During #RamadanDiRumah

The holy Ramadan month has come. Unlike usual times, you have to live the Ramadan #DiRumahAja this time. There are many things you may not be able to do during this year’s Ramadan, like a pilgrimage, Tarawih prayer, and I’tikaf at mosques.

You may not be able to also do the ngabuburit (waiting for iftar) tradition with friends and families, like seeking snacks for iftar (takjil), shopping at malls, or any other favorite outdoor activities you usually do. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Here are some fun ngabuburit activities when #RamadanDiRumah to keep your Ramadan productive, creative, and bearable. Most importantly, to keep your praying during Ramadan worry-free:

  1. Learn to cook for suhoor and iftar from cooking apps or YouTube
  2. Do light exercises to keep you fit
  3. Improve the quality of your prayers, like read more Quranic verses and learn religions via apps
  4. Stream your favorite movies or games online
  5. Gardening, self-care, decorating your house, craft, or other hobbies
  6. Upgrade skills by reading books, joining free online classes or webinars based on your interests
  7. Get school or offices tasks done
  8. Virtually gather for iftar together with friends and make social media content about it
  9. Share foods for iftar or suhoor via ride-hailing apps

Use the benefits of BCA mobile for your #BankingFromHome during #RamadanDiRumah:

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  2. Shop for your hobbies, like gardening, self-care, home decorating, cooking, and many others from trusted affiliated merchants with OneKlik, BCA Virtual Account, or BCA Credit Card
  3. Buy foods and drinks for iftar via apps, top up the e-wallet balance using BCA mobile
  4. Share with orphans using BagiBagi feature on BCA mobile
  5. Transfer money to parents outside the town for their Ramadan needs using BCA mobile

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Even if there was a #PhysicalDistancing to control the spread of COVID-19, you can always make #RamadanDiRumah fun, right?