10 May 2020 | Edukatips

Easy Ways of Registering and Activating Financial Features on KlikBCA

KlikBCA is one of BCA services most helpful for your #BankingFromHome during #DiRumahAja.

If you do not have KlikBCA yet, register first at a BCA ATM:

KlikBCA Registration at BCA ATM

If you do not have KlikBCA yet, register for KlikBCA (non-financial services) at the nearest BCA ATM. Here’s how you do it:

  • Insert your ATM card and PIN
  • Register your phone number by choosing “DAFTAR E-BANKING”
  • Then, choose “INTERNET BANKING”
  • You will receive your KlikBCA User ID

Now, you have a KlikBCA (non-financial services)

If you already have KlikBCA and want to activate the financial feature to connect User ID with KeyBCA, here’s how:

Activate KlikBCA Financial Feature

How to Activate KlikBCA Financial at BCA branches

You can activate KlikBCA financial features at the nearest BCA branches.

  • Visit the CSO at the nearest BCA branches
  • Bring your Tahapan book, ATM card, physical ID and internet banking phone number
  • The CSO will activate your KlikBCA financial feature

How to Activate KlikBCA Financial via Halo BCA*:

  • Call HaloBCA at 1500888 to request financial activation on KlikBCA by providing the following information:
    • Your Bank Account number
    • Your phone number for BCA to call
  • HaloBCA will verify your request.
  • Send complete documents (max. 8MB) via email to HaloBCA:
    • ID photo
    • Selfie with ID
    • A written request for KeyBCA KlikBCA signed by you

Easy, right? Let’s use KlikBCA Individu at https://ibank.klikbca.com to support your #BankingFromHome

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