25 Mar 2020 | Edukatips

Tips for a More Effective Work and Banking From Home

Hey guys, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the world, and Indonesia is not immune to it. The government asks us to do our activities at home: work from home, study from home, pray from home, and, for financial matters, do banking from home.

Here are 6 (six) tips for a more effective Work From Home a’la BCA:

  • Make It Like You Really Work at the Office
    To work from home is a privilege and most people are happy about it. But, in fact, you have more time to slack off when working at home compared to working in full 8 hours at the office.
    You may have more time to lay around on your bed because you do not need to travel to the office. Actually, you need to get out of bed, get ready, and prepare your working desk to be ready for work.
    Make sure you are properly dressed and sit down, especially for video conferencing.
  • Create a Productive Work To-do List
    Manage your days. When you work at home, you are your own manager and, thus, you must manage your own (and your team’s) productivity. Make a work segmentation, so the team can work effectively.
    At the end of each day, make a to-do list and your (team’s) goals for the next day, so you will have the right focus and clarity in your work without wasting time tomorrow morning. Give yourself enough rest to keep yourself away from fatigue and stay focused.
  • Think Like A Businessman
    As the coronavirus pandemic affects the global economy, you should think about how to add value to your organization, team, or customer. Think about what you could do to define problems and find solutions to help your company survive and ensure the business rolls.
    In today’s pandemic, we need to think outside the box!
  • Stay Connected
    In this advanced technology era, working remotely does not mean working individually. You can always organize weekly meetings using many meeting platforms, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
    Do not get bored with the routine at home. Make your workspace interesting over time. Make changes to make it fun anytime you work.
  • Accept Distractions
    When working from home, distractions are indeed everywhere: kids and partners roaming around, washing machine noises, TV sounds, and street vendors passing by.
    We have to accept that some distractions are preventable and some are not–these distractions are our new reality. Just do not let them dominate your working days.
    When kids get to your working space while having a video call session, let them say hi. After that, try to gently explain to the kids the meaning of work hours to make them slowly understand your routine of working at home.
    However, avoid watching television or scrolling through social media. These are not productive and will distract your focus. Prove to your company that you can be trusted to work from home, even without the coronavirus.
  • Do Banking From Home for Your Financial Needs

    When you are busy working, there are sometimes some financial needs to get done. Do not panic! Just do Banking From Home. Follow these banking form home tips:
    • When KWh Meters Beeping
      Get your smartphone, open the m-commerce feature on BCA mobile, select “PLN Prabayar”, enter the Customer ID, pick the amount, enter the PIN, and you are done. The token number is ready to be inputted into the PLN KWh meter.

    • When Your Kid Wants to Open A Bank Account
      As long as your kid has an e-ID, s/he can open a bank account anywhere. While relaxing in the room, download BCA mobile, click “Buka Rekening Baru”, follow the steps, and you are done. Now, the kid can save money in their own account.

    • When Receiving Calls for Credit Card Bills Overdue
      Open BCA mobile on your smartphone, open the m-Payment feature, select “Kartu Kredit”, input your Credit Card number, enter the bill amount, input PIN, and you are done. It is all paid, worry no more.

    • When Kids’ E-Wallet Balance to Order Food Online is Empty
      Open the m-transfer feature on BCA mobile, select BCA Virtual Account, enter the e-wallet virtual account number, input PIN, and you are done. You can now order food online anytime you wish without having to worry…

    • Wife Wants to Join the Gathering of Mothers
      Activate the BCA Keyboard. Advise your wife to gather with moms online via online video and transfer the funds via BCA Keyboard.

    • House Helper Asks for Flazz Balance to Shop for Basic Needs
      Easy. Hand your helper the Flazz card with a new logo over it. You can help check and top up via your BCA mobile.

    • Kids Want Games Voucher
      Open the Sakuku app via your Android smartphone. Find the “Voucher Game” menu, choose the game type, enter your user ID, choose the voucher amount, and input PIN. Kids will be happy with this easy way of topping up their games voucher.

For each of your financial needs, just do banking from home while you stay at home to avoid getting COVID-19 virus transmission. Stay safe, guys!