19 Feb 2020 | Edukatips

Visit and Make Exciting Stories with Your Family at BCA Expoversary

BCA Expoversary! Everyone is familiar with this annual BCA event. In celebration of its anniversary, BCA regularly organizes BCA Expoversary in February every year.

Since 2018, BCA has regularly organized “BCA Expoversary” which is open to the public as a one-stop shopping platform. In these events, you can find solutions for your family needs such as properties, cars, food, fashion, flight tickets, domestic trip packages, and various BCA product solutions.

If you are going to BCA Expoversary with your family, everyone will be happy! It is because you can fulfill the needs of every family member with the best promos.

In these events, you can search for your family's dream house. Want to search for a house or apartment in Jakarta or outside Jakarta? Everything is possible at BCA Expoversary! Moreover, there are offers for house ownership installments, such as a special interest rate for House Ownership Credit (KPR) to make your dream house come true.

Other than houses, you may also want to get yourself a new vehicle. Check the latest cars and motorcycles at BCA Expoversary. You can buy a new car or motorcycle for your family through installments. At BCA Expoversary, there are special promos from Motor Vehicle Credit (KKB) or Motorcycle Credit (KSM).

Or maybe you want to take a vacation with your family? There are various exciting promos for your family trip. Whether domestic or international, BCA Travel Service is ready to plan your next vacation trip.

Do not forget to spoil yourself with some cuisine along with your family at BCA Expoversary. There are many delicious and trendy foods to enjoy with your family. Whatever your Father, Mother, Sister, or Brother likes, everyone gets something at BCA Expoversary.

Do not miss the excitement of BCA Expoversary. Only at BCA Expoversary, you can get special promos that are not available anywhere else! You will regret missing out this opportunity that you can only get once a year.

Keep yourself updated on BCA’s social media accounts to find out when and where the event will be organized every year. Did you know that in BCA Expoversary 2020 was organized simultaneously in 3 cities from 21 to 23 February?

  • ICE BSD, HALL 6-10, Jakarta
  • Exhibition Hall Grand City, Surabaya
  • Phinisi Point Mall, Makassar

Find out the promos you get this year! Check out here

Ayo datang dan buat cerita serumu bersama keluarga di BCA Expoversary!

Let’s come and create an amazing experience with your family at BCA Expoversary!