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Easy Ways to Pay Taxes at Home with KlikBCA

For individual customers, individual business customers, and business customers who gain income from work or business and are obliged to pay taxes such as VAT, Income Tax, etc., BCA has a solution to pay taxes from the comfort of your home.

Use KlikBCA Individu (KBI) for individual customers, or KlikBCA Bisnis (KBB) for individual business/business customers, for a simple and fast tax payment solution.

Before doing it, you must already have a Billing Code from the Tax website (www.pajak.go.id). Then, do this:

KlikBCA Individu (KBI)

Steps to pay taxes via KlikBCA Individu:

  1. Log in to KlikBCA Individu, select “Pembayaran
  2. Select “Pajak” and then choose Jenis Pajak: Penerimaan Negara
  3. Enter the 15-digit of Billing Code, and click “Lanjutkan
  4. A page of tax payment confirmation detail will be displayed and then enter KeyBCA APPLI 1 response and click “Kirim
  5. The display of payment has been made.
  6. Customers can choose to print or save tax payment receipts by clicking “Cetak” or “Simpan”

KlikBCA Bisnis (KBB)

Steps to pay taxes via KlikBCA Bisnis:

  1. Log in to KlikBCA Bisnis, select “Pembayaran Tagihan
  2. Select “Daftar Pembayaran” and select “Tambah
  3. Choose Jenis: Pajak & PNBP, Institusi: Penerimaan Negara, and click “Lanjut
  4. Choose “Buat Pembayaran Tagihan” and choose Jenis Pembayaran: Penerimaan Negara
  5. Enter the Billing Code
  6. Enter account number to make payment and click Lanjut
  7. Authorize the transaction
  8. Check transaction status
  9. Choose the transaction date, download BPN and save it as a payment receipt.

Let’s pay taxes from your home. If you already have KlikBCA, but do not have this feature, contact:

  • KlikBCA Individu: HaloBCA at 1500888;
  • KlikBCA Bisnis: Halo Layanan KlikBCA Bisnis at 1500777

If you do not have KlikBCA Individu, you can just register at BCA ATM and call HaloBCA 1500888 to obtain a KeyBCA to be used for financial transactions.

About KlikBCA Individu

Click here to make KlikBCA Bisnis:

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