03 Feb 2020 | Edukatips

Smart Ways of Getting Your Business Capital

Hello Smart People,

If you have your own business, the world must feel it revolves around you, right? There are so many benefits of having your own business. One of them is to own all of your profits.

But, Smart People, you must also think about these 3 (three) challenges you must face when having your own business, namely:

  1. Losses

    One of the business biggest risks is having losses, especially when there are aspects you haven’t mastered yet. So, it is important to understand the principles of business first.
  2. Tough Competitions

    The easier people build their own businesses, the tighter competition has become. Do not be a pessimist, stay motivated, and be distinctive through innovations in your business.
  3. Business Capital

    Building your own business needs an incredible amount of capital, Smart People. There are a lot of needs to fulfill and expenses to pay. You need to be smart in looking for loans to avoid being scammed or experiencing losses.


Smartcash BCA

In supporting businessmen like you, BCA offers a business loan feature called Smartcash. It is one of the credit cards by BCA to help you request business loans. Here are the benefits:

  • Retail transactions without interests up to 45 days in all BCA-affiliated merchants
  • Competitive interest rate for cash withdrawal
  • Flexible card usage and return
  • Free of admin fee, provision fee, and cash withdrawal fee
  • Easy application process

What are you waiting for? Make your own business dream come true with Smartcash BCA now by calling HaloBCA at 1500888 or visit BCA branch near you.


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