22 Jan 2020 | Edukatips

Sharing During Special Moments #DibikinSimpel Using BagiBagi Feature in BCA mobile

Everybody has a moment to share. For example, moments like Chinese New Year, Eid Fitr, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and many others. Or, personal moments, like when you receive a bonus at work, job promotions, birthdays, etc.

Did you know BCA mobile has a fun feature to share with others? Would you guess the name?

It is called the BagiBagi feature. When you want to share with loved ones or whoever has a Sakuku account during special moments, this feature is great to use.

Always use the most updated version of BCA mobile and Sakuku. For iOS users, remember to refresh first before updating.

For BagiBagi recipients, you must have downloaded the Sakuku app to be able to receive the money.

Want to know how to use the BagiBagi feature?

You must have the BCA mobile app to be able to share through the BagiBagi feature.

  1. Open BCA mobile, click BagiBagi. Read and follow the BagiBagi feature instructions. Click Lanjut, and start sharing!
  2. Select “Buat” to create a Greeting Card, choose the design you like, and select “Pilih”
  3. There will be Random or Fixed options. If you choose Random (default), the amount of money is shared randomly. Decide the total amount of money you wish to share, to how many recipients, and from which accounts.
  4. If you choose Fixed, the amount of shared money would be the same. You fill up the amount per recipient, to how many recipients, and from which account.
  5. Confirm if the mode, recipient amount, fund amount, and source of funds are already correct. Click “Lanjut” to enter your m-BCA PIN.
  6. You are now ready to share the BagiBagi link. Click “Yuk Bagikan” and share it via email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, etc.
  7. Here is what the BagiBagi link looks like. It will expire within 24 hours since created. If the recipient is set to 5 (five) people, then the first 5 (five) link openers will get the BagiBagi money.
  8. In the “Inbox” menu, you can find your BagiBagi history. You can see the info status, successfully redeemed amount, refund amount, expiration, and list of BagiBagi recipients.

If there is unredeemed excess BagiBagi money from an unclicked and expired link, the money will be refunded to the sender in 1x24 hours maximum since the link expiration date.

Fun, isn’t it? Do not have a BCA mobile yet? Download it below.

Download BCA mobile

How to get money from BagiBagi links in the Sakuku app:

You must have downloaded the Sakuku app to be able to redeem (get money from the BagiBagi link).

  1. When you receive the BagiBagi link and click it, you will be redirected to the Sakuku app (if you have not installed it, you will be redirected to Play Store/App Store to download the Sakuku app).
  2. Click the envelope notification in the Sakuku app. The information is being processed, then click “Cek Inbox”.
  3. Here is the preview of the Inbox in Sakuku on your phone screen.
  4. If successful, you will receive the “Selamat” notification and some amount of money. If failed, you will see the “Sorry” notification. You can also click the “Penerima BagiBagi” list.
  5. In the “Penerima BagiBagi” list, you can check the recipient rank. The name is blurred.

Fun, isn’t it? If you do not have Sakuku yet, download the app now! Who knows, someone will send you a BagiBagi link tomorrow…

Download Sakuku

Tips on joining BagiBagi safely

Even though it is fun and exciting, as #generasiantimodus, you must always be alert as someone might be using the feature as a method of scamming. Follow these tips.

  • Always recheck the BagiBagi link format. Know the official link sent from BCA mobile’s BagiBagi feature: https://BagiBagiBCA.page.link/xxxxxxx
  • Always check when the link is clicked, it redirects you to the Sakuku app (if you have installed the app) or to App Store if you have not installed the app.
  • The BagiBagi link never asks for any data, let alone personal data, like OTP and ATM card numbers.

Use the BagiBagi feature in BCA mobile to add more excitement during your special moments!

Do not forget to install the Sakuku app to be able to receive the BagiBagi link from your friends!

Download BCA mobile

Download Sakuku