29 Dec 2020 | Edukatips

The Benefits of Ordering Foreign Currencies via eBranch

Have you ever wanted to exchange a foreign currency, but the branch you visited was running out of stocks? Or maybe you feel lazy to queue to exchange foreign currencies?

You can use the foreign currency exchange service through BCA eBranch. By using eBranch, your foreign currency orders will be easier and more practical because you can do it anywhere and whenever. Plus, your preferred foreign currency would not be out of stock.

Follow the steps below to make a transaction via eBranch:

    • Log in to eBranch application and select “Transaksi Teller”

    • Choose “Pemesanan Mata Uang Asing” (Banknotes) and enter your ATM card number

    • Fill in the transaction data
        • Fill in the objective of ordering foreign exchange and determine the type of foreign currency
        • Choose an office branch to pickup foreign currency
        • Request and enter OTP code and click “Lanjut”

    • Make payment within the specified time period to the provided Virtual Account number

  • Besides being practical, there are still other benefits from foreign exchange transactions on BCA eBranch, such as:
    • You can find out the nearest branches with available stock of foreign currencies you have.
    • The exchange rate is cheaper than the counter rate
    • The exchange rate is shown in real-time
    • Payment to Virtual Account can be through m-BCA, Klik BCA, or ATM
    • No statement letter or stamped power of attorney letter required
    • The pickup can be represented

So many benefits, right?

Use eBranch app for an easier and more practical order of foreign currencies!