15 Dec 2019 | Edukatips

KPR, the Solution to Buy a House Young

Hi millennials, you must be familiar with the term KPR or mortgage. KPR can be used to help you buy a house. To choose the right house, you need to consider factors such as the completeness of the documents, security, strategic location, and trusted developers.

However, there are still many of the youth fear of buying a house. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Relatively Expensive

    House prices, which tend to increase every year, are an obstacle for the younger generation. In fact, another reason the younger generation are not buying a house is the increase in house prices is disproportionate to their income. But, can we not see the rising house prices as an investment for the future? This is where KPR becomes the right solution if you don’t have enough money to buy a house in cash.
  2. Not Knowing Where to Start

    Find the house first. This is because all the documents required for the KPR application will adjust to the house you want to buy. If you already have it, then check the credibility of the developer before paying the down payment. One way is to check whether the developer has collaborated with major banks. This is one of the advantages of buying a house with KPR, because big banks will only work with trusted developers and accept houses with complete documents.
  3. Difficult to Find a Bank for Mortgages

    The next reason is because they are confused about choosing the rigjt KPR offer. The younger generation is interested in getting attractive offers with easy and fast process. Choosing a KPR plan must be done thoughtfully. You have to calculate the installment simulation and compare the amount of the installment with your financial capabilities.

Therefore, KPR BCA can be the solution for you because it comes with a wide selection of special interest rates, starting from:

  • Fix 3 years 3.85% eff.p.a
  • Fix 5 years 4.85% eff.p.a
  • Fix 8 years 6.25% eff.p.a
  • Fix 10 years 6.75% eff.p.a
  • 2-year fix 3-year Cap 4.15% eff.p.a & 6.15% eff.p.a
  • Fix Berjenjang up to 20 years starting from 4.25% eff.p.a

With these options, you can easily choose a plan according to your financial capability so it won’t disrupt your cash flow. To calculate the installment amount, try the simulation here.

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