11 May 2019 | Edukatips

Complement your BCA EDC with QRIS!

Hello BCA Business Partners,

Do you want to have an EDC machine that can print QR codes to be used for QR-based payments?

BCA EDC is now more powerful with QRIS payment feature you can use as an addition to credit card and debit payments.

QRIS (QR Code Indonesia Standard) is a payment method launched by Bank Indonesia. The standardized QR can be used for any payment via BCA mobile, Sakuku, and other QR-based payment apps in Indonesia.

Benefits of BCA EDC with QRIS feature:

Potential customers from millions of BCA mobile and Sakuku BCA EDC users, can receive payments from all QR-based payment apps, which increases transactions. Transactions are much easier because your customers can scan the QR from the EDC receipt.

Important information about QRIS on BCA EDC

  • QRIS refers to the Regulation of Bank Indonesia No. 21/18/PADG/2019 concerning Implementation of QR Code National Standard for Payment
  • Upgrade for BCA EDC is currently implemented gradually starting from November 2019
  • How to ensure your BCA EDC is equipped with QRIS feature:
    • Check the “SAKUKU” menu on the EDC machine to see whether it was changed into “QR”.
    • If not, call BCA Merchant Hotline at 1500788 to upgrade your BCA EDC*.
    • *Currently only available in Ingenico ICT and Ingenico IWL machines.


QRIS Transaction Merchant Category Fee

SAKUKU and BCA Mobile

All merchant categories


Use other payment apps

“Only for Social Aid” “Regular” “SPBU Education”

"0%" "0.7%" "0.6%" "0.4%"

*Effective since 1 January 2020

Note: Fees are subject to change according to regulations from BCA Indonesia. Information about changes on QRIS transaction fee will be delivered via merchant emails that are registered at BCA or will be available at www.bca.co.id.

How to use QRIS on BCA EDC

  1. On the EDC screen, find and select QR menu, and then select PAYMENT
  2. Input the transaction amount and confirm YES
  3. EDC will print a receipt with QRIS code, ask the customer to scan the QR
  4. If succeeded, EDC will print a receipt.

Easy, right? Let’s complement your EDC with QRIS feature and tell your customers.

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