17 Nov 2019 | Edukatips

Pay Attention to These When Investing in Mutual Funds

For people who want to start investing, mutual funds can be the right choice for you. Why? Check this out.

Mutual funds are collective investment contracts managed by investment managers. Investing in mutual funds requires less funds because it allows you to buy funds collectively with other investors. In addition, your funds will be managed by an investment manager, making it suitable for those of you who do not really understand the stock market.

There are four types of mutual funds, namely money market mutual funds (RDPU), fixed income mutual funds (RDPT), Mutual and Mixed mutual funds (RDC) and equity funds (RDS). In choosing a type of mutual fund, you must adjust it with your investment objectives and risk profile.

Pay attention to these things when making mutual fund investments:

  1. Investment period
    Determine your needs so that you can choose a mutual fund with an appropriate time period. Money market mutual funds (1-3 years), mixed mutual funds (3-5 years), or stock market mutual funds (5 years). In BCA mutual funds, there are various mutual fund products according to your needs.
  2. Risk level
    Mutual funds have different levels of risk profiles depending on what type you choose. Therefore, pay attention to the risk profile of each mutual fund type. Usually, higher gain will mean higher risk, and vice versa.
  3. Choose a trusted investment manager
    Your fund will be managed by an investment manager, so make sure the investment manager is trusted. You can see it from their stable and above-average track records. Also, make sure the investment manager you choose is under the OJK supervision. 

For example, investment managers in BCA mutual funds that are registered and supervised by OJK.

Start investing in BCA mutual funds.