06 Nov 2019 | Edukatips

Payment Link, A Safe and Easy Payment Solution for Your Customers

As a business person, you may sometimes face difficulties in providing payment facilities to your customers, right? And it takes great capital to make your own proper payment system or website, let alone the maintenance. Besides, manual payment processes take longer and are risky for customers’ personal data as they need to give their card data to make payments.

Thus, BCA provides Payment Link as the solution for the above problem.

Payment Link is BCA’s new facility to generate easier and safer e-commerce payment links without changing the merchant’s website. With Payment Link, merchants can process e-commerce transactions via EMAIL.

Payment Link Benefit

  1. Online and real-time transactions
  2. Accept payments from various fund sources (BCA Card, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX)
  3. Secured transactions with OTP and 3D Secure
  4. No website is needed as transactions use payment links sent to emails
  5. One-click away to pay

How to Process Payment Link Transactions

  1. The merchant receives orders from Customers
  2. Verification:
    1. Make sure the product/service is available
    2. Make sure the price is correct
    3. Make sure the order code is unique
    4. Log in to the website with BCA User ID and Password
  3. Create a payment link, enter the order code, price, product descriptions, and other required information.
  4. Copy the URL

  5. Send a confirmation email on the order and a payment link to customers
  6. Customers click the link to make a payment
  7. Customers will get the OTP and enter the OTP into the payment page
  8. Check the payment status on BCA e-Commerce Payment Gateway website

Cool, isn’t it! Register Payment Link to make your business even more profitable! Register here.

Check the tutorial video below!