08 Sep 2019 | Edukatips

Print Your Own ATM Card

Just opened an account online and wanted to pick up the card at the branch? Or, did you want to change your card type? Or, did you lose, break your phone, or forget your PIN?

Relax. You do not have to join a queue to pick up or change your card anymore! Want to know how? Find our CS Digital at these locations.

Through CS Digital, you can print your card yourself! Not only that, you can also use CS Digital to:

  1. Change your type of card
  2. Replace your lost card
  3. Replace your broken card
  4. Replace your card if you forgot your PIN

Here’s how to print a new card yourself after opening an account via BCA mobile:

1. Touch the CS Digital screen

2. Select Kartu menu -> Cetak Kartu
*if you want to replace your card, choose the Ganti Kartu menu and follow the instructions on the CS Digital screen

3. Tap your electronic KTP

4. Verify fingerprints

5. Input account number

6. Select Kartu Instan

7. Activate PIN

8. The machine will issue the new card

Easy, right? What are you waiting for, come and print your ATM card yourself!

How to Print/Replace Debit Card via CS Digital