19 Sep 2019 | Edukatips

Get to Know the Official bca.id/xxxx Shortened Link by BCA

Have you seen a bca.id/xxx link from BCA?

How is that different from BCA’s official website bca.co.id?

Do not be confused… BCA’s official website is still bca.co.id. Meanwhile, bca.id is the shortened version of bca.co.id. 

What is bca.id shortened link ?

Shortened link is the short version of a longer original link.

You must have heard about bit.ly, right? Bit.ly is a link shortener service provider available for the public.

BCA uses bca.id as its shortened link. So, bca.id is the shortened version of bca.co.id page to ease you in opening certain pages on bca.co.id website. With a shorter link, it will be easier for you to remember it.

BCA’s shortlink format is bca.id/xxx.

When you click or enter the shortened link, you will be redirected to the bca.co.id website.

So, when the page you clicked has fully loaded, the link shown on the address bar will be bca.co.id, and no longer bca.id.