12 Aug 2019 | Edukatips

3 (Three) Cards for Your Company’s Stronger Cash Management

Are you a business owner? Or Are you a Director of Operations/Finance, Ops/Finance Manager, or the key person for operational matters? Have you experienced the following?

  • Your company receives cash payments from customers. Money stored at your office has become riskier.
  • Hassle in managing the company’s petty cash to buy daily operational needs, such as office stationery, water gallon, sudden requests, etc. The complex financial bookkeeping and the reimbursement process to the company make it worse. 
  • The company does not give rewards to important customers or partners. The thing is, the company does not know what is the right reward to give. Giving cash does not feel right. Giving a prepaid card is also limited in cash debit and setting up the limit.

Introducing: Business Debit Card

To address those three issues above, BCA has a solution called Business Debit Card (BDC BCA), a card to help companies better manage their cash. For instance, to manage the incoming cash/expenses/internal expenses, as shown in the above cases.

BDC BCA allows one company account to link with several cards. The BDC card setup is done via KlikBCA Bisnis. Cardholders will receive the authentication code to activate the card and change PIN at ATM BCA. Cardholders cannot know the company’s balance information and mutation.

The BDC BCA has 3 (three) variants. Here are the names and benefits of each card.

1. Deposit Card

For companies who receive cash payments from customers on a daily basis. This card is given to the appointed cashier or employee to do the funds deposit.

Here are the benefits of Deposit Card:

  • Companies do not have to visit BCA branches to deposit money, just do it through ATM Setor Tarik BCA (CDM/CRM).
  • Reduce the risk of losing money on the way and eliminate obstacles from time and distance.
  • The deposited funds will be transferred in real-time to the company, and you cannot change the designated account.
  • The card is only for deposits, it cannot be used for cash withdrawal or shopping at merchants (no risk of card misuse).
  • No limit for fund deposits.

2. Petty Cash Card

For companies who have petty cash needs (small funds for daily operational needs). The card is given to the company’s employees/person in charge as needed.

Here are the benefits of Petty Cash Card:

  • Employees do not have to go through a reimbursement process anymore after shopping for companies’ needs.
  • It can be used for cash withdrawal and transfer at ATM BCA and shopping at BCA affiliated merchants. When the card is used for transactions, then the funds in the company's account are debited.
  • The transaction limit for each card can be set in Klik BCA Bisnis with maximum daily limits as below:
    • Cash Withdrawal at ATM BCA: Rp10.000.000
    • Debit BCA: Rp100.000.000 
    • Crossbank BCA account transfer: Rp100.000.000
  • Card’s transaction limits can be adjusted daily.

3. Loyalty Card

It is for companies who want to give rewards to their important partners or customers, like buyers, distributors, or priority customers.

Here are the benefits of Loyalty Card:

  • The card can be given to many customers or partners.
  • It can be used for cash withdrawal at ATM BCA, and shopping at BCA-affiliated merchants. The card cannot be used for funds deposit.
  • The card is linked to the company’s account. Funds in the new company’s account are debited when the card is used for transactions.
  • The transaction limit for each card can be set in KlikBCA Bisnis with the following maximum daily limits:
    • Cash Withdrawal at ATM BCA: Rp10.000.000
    • Debit BCA: Rp100.000.000 
    • Crossbank BCA account transfer: Rp100.000.000

Exciting, isn’t it? With those 3 (three) talismanic cards, your company’s cash management will be supported, and help you be more profitable!

For more information, call HaloBCA Bisnis at 1500998 or email to cashmanagement@bca.co.id.