06 Aug 2019 | Edukatips

Automatic Employee Salary Transfer Using Payroll BCA

Are you familiar with the following problems: late employee salary payment, inaccuracies in salary payment, and lengthy administrative process of salary payment? Maybe your employees have even complained because their salaries are inaccurate or were not received.

By using Payroll BCA, these problems can be solved. Payroll BCA is an employee salary payment transaction (BCA account) by uploading files via KlikBCA Bisnis. By using Payroll BCA, employee salaries can be sent accurately and on time.

Benefits of Using Payroll BCA

  1. Efficient in processing employee salary administration and transfer
  2. Secure with BCA security code and Facility Recipient security code
  3. Easy to check and input data via KlikBCA Bisnis
  4. Low administrative fees

How to Register for Payroll BCA

  1. Apply for payroll facility by filling in the KlikBCA Bisnis form.
  2. Get a company code from BCA.
  3. BCA will send a PIN number and User ID to the customer.
  4. BCA’s staffs will come and deliver a package containing a CD, a User Guide, and a Key BCA.
  5. BCA’s staffs will perform installation and provide a short training.

For a seamless Payroll process, pay attention to these 4 (four) things:

  • Make sure the employees’ accounts are BCA accounts.
  • Make sure the data has been inputted in KlikBCA Bisnis 2 (two) days prior.
  • Avoid credit misplace by ensuring the data is correct.
  • Make sure the fund is ready 1 (one) day prior to avoid process failure.

In addition, for payroll customers, there are also additional benefits:

  • Timely and accurate salary payment.
  • Easily accessible access salary account.
  • Special benefits for employees such as special promo for KPR, KKB, KSM, Credit Card, and Mutual Funds! (Promos depend on the ongoing programs).

Simple, isn’t it? Simplify the process to pay your employees’ salaries by using Payroll BCA!