29 Jul 2019 | Edukatips

Let’s Go-Green! Save the Forests, Reduce ATM Receipt Paper Consumption

One of the easiest things to do to go green is to save paper and contribute to keeping the earth green.

Save Indonesian Forests

We know papers are made from trees and it requires a tree aged 5-10 years to be processed into papers. Papers are produced and used daily, while tree planting is not necessarily done every day, not to mention the long planting period.

The demand for papers will also increase while the amount of land that can be planted with trees will decrease.

This condition needs to be addressed with wise actions, including saving paper and using paper wisely to save trees or reduce logging.

“If we can reprocess 1 (one) ton of papers, we can save 7000 gallons of water, save 20 trees, prevent air pollution, and save household power consumption for 6 (six) months,” (www.goinggreentoday.com)

How About ATM Receipts?

Guys, have you ever seen piling ATM receipt papers on the trash bin or the floor when you are at an ATM?

Did you realize once we complete a transaction, we pull out the receipt paper, check it, crumple it, and toss it into the trash?

In 2018, paper consumption for BCA’s ATM receipts reached 69,790 rolls of large receipt paper roll and 187,290 rolls of small receipt paper roll.

In short, the paper consumption for BCA’s ATM receipts in a year can reach approximately 80,000 KM in length.

Imagine how much paper we use in a year. If stretched, how many times can we circle the earth? 

*Earth circumference =40,000 KM (Source: Google Map)

Let’s Choose Transactions Without ATM Receipts

Previously, “receipt-free” transactions at BCA ATMs were only available for Fast Cash Withdrawal or FAST CASH transactions, while other cash withdrawals still printed receipts. Since 2016, BCA has provided an option for Other Cash Withdrawal transactions where you will be given two choices, “print receipts” or “without receipts”.

Current Menu for Other Cash Withdrawal Transactions:

If you choose “tidak”, your balance will appear on the ATM screen.

Reduce ATM Receipt Waste and Save Trees

The idea is to make transactions without receipts at the ATM, especially for cash withdrawal transactions on all BCA ATMs.

Why the Cash Withdrawal? Because other menus, such as Transfer or Payment still require ATM receipts as proof of transactions.

Meanwhile, for Cash Withdrawal, people usually only glance at the remaining balance and toss the receipt into the trash.

Make transactions without receipts at ATMs to reduce ATM receipt paper waste!

Let’s go green!