21 Jul 2019 | Edukatips

How To Make QRIS Payment With Sakuku, Just Scan It!

It is no longer the time when you pay for things in cash. It is now the era of QR! You just need to scan the code using your smartphone. Did you know what QRIS is?

QRIS stands for Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard launched by Bank Indonesia to connect QR Code providers (interoperability).

One QR code can be scanned using a variety of payment apps. There are 2 (two) payment methods using QRIS:

Dynamic QR

A Dynamic QR is a quick response code printed from a BCA EDC machine when you make a transaction. You do not need to input the payment amount because it will automatically appear on the screen when you scan it.

Static QR

A Static QR is a quick response code that is usually provided by the merchant and used for all QR transactions in that particular merchant. With this one, you must input the payment amount because it will not automatically appear when you scan it.

How to pay using scan QR

  1. Open Sakuku Application
  2. Select “QR”
  3. Scan the QR code provided by the cashier.
  4. Check the amount for Dynamic QR or input the amount for Static QR.
  5. Confirm your transaction by clicking “Lanjut”
  6. Input your Sakuku PIN
  7. Wait while the transaction is being processed
  8. You will receive a notification when your transaction is successful.

Easy, right? Download Sakuku app on Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)!