01 Aug 2019 | Edukatips

You Are A Cardless Generation If You Have Done These 3 (Three) Things!

Welcome to a Cardless Era.

Hi guys!

If you like being up to date, it is now for you to jump into the digital era where everything is mobile.

Did you know? Indonesia ranks 3rd in Asia and 6th in the world for the most smartphone users in the world. (Source: https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-50-countries-by-smartphone-penetration-and-users/

This is proof today's era is all mobile. Smartphones are inseparable from our everyday life. All activities can now be done from the palm of our hands.

That includes financial transactions. There is no longer the need to carry around your savings book, or even your ATM/Debit card.

Welcome, Cardless Generation!

If you are a cardless generation, here are your traits:

  1. You pay by scanning a QR code with your smartphone for shopping.
    You do cardless transactions, you only need a QR code to pay for stuff.
  2. You use no card and use your smartphone to withdraw money at the ATM
    You use no ATM card, instead you use BCA mobile application and myBCA apps on your smartphone when you need cash or want to deposit cash at an ATM. All you have to do is input your mobile number and transaction code on the ATM screen.
  3. You need no card for authorization when making a transaction at a bank.
    For transactions at a bank office, be it withdrawing or cash, or transferring money, the Teller would usually ask you to authorize it using your Paspor BCA card, right?

Now, there is no such need due to the feature of BCA mobile and myBCA apps, namely Cardless feature.

The Cardless feature from BCA mobile!

Now, the Cardless feature has 3 (three) menus:

  • Setor Tunai tanpa kartu
  • Transaksi di Cabang Tanpa Kartu
  • Transactions at Branch Office Without a Card

Cardless feature on myBCA:

  1. Cash deposit
  2. Withdraw cash
  3. Transactions at Branch Office Without a Card

For cash deposit and withdraw without cards, you can check the full tutorial here:

How to make a cardless transaction at a branch office:

  1. Click Cardless

  2. Select “Cabang”

  3. Click "OK"

  4. Input your m-BCA PIN
  5. Obtain the 6-digit “Kode Transaksi” code (expires in 1 hour)
  6. Visit a branch office and complete the transaction at the Teller/Customer Service
  7. Enter your BCA mobile phone number and Kode Transaksi (transaction code) on the PIN pad to complete the transaction.

Easy, right? No need to worry about forgetting to bring your ATM card. You can also avoid the risk of your card being swallowed by the machine or your ATM PIN being stolen by other people.

Check more information about the “Cardless” feature here

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