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All About Reward BCA

Hi BCA Credit Card Users,

Do you want to know what Reward BCA is? How to get it, how to check the Reward BCA amount, and how to redeem it? Let’s find out all about Reward BCA here.

BCA Reward Program is the awarding of bonuses to BCA credit card holders in the form of Rupiah rewards for every transaction made. 1 (one) BCA Reward point is equivalent to 1 (one) rupiah and BCA Reward points do not have an expiration date.

The program applies to every use of BCA credit cards (BCA Card, VISA, MasterCard) both basic and supplement cards (combined in 1 Customer Number/CN), except BCA Card Smartcash, Visa Corporate and BCA Card Corporate.

How to Get Reward BCA

  • You can get BCA rewards if you make transactions at all merchants, both domestic and overseas.
  • For domestic transactions, the program is valid for all BCA credit cards (BCA Card, VISA, MasterCard).
  • For transactions abroad, the program only applies to BCA VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay, JCB Black and BCA Card credit cards specifically for Singapore.
  • The amount of BCA Rewards you get depends on the type of card and the merchant where you transact with the reward range ranging from 0.2% - 15% of your transaction nominal.

How to Check Reward BCA

  1. Via BCA Mobile >> m-BCA >> m-Info >> Info Reward BCA (Android and iOS)
  2. Via myBCA. Log in to myBCA, click “Akun Saya” menu, click “Reward” feature. Make sure your myBCA Apps is on the latest version and already connect with your BCA ID.

  3. DIP BCA credit cards through BCA EDC machines at merchants with the Reward BCA logo.
  4. Call HaloBCA 1500888
  5. Credit Card IVR (Interactive Voice Response) machine facility at 1500888 Dial 1500888 >> Press 1 for service in Indonesian language >> Press 2 for Credit Card Bill information >> Enter the 16-digit Card Credit number >> Enter birth date (DD/MM/YY)
  6. BCA website Reward BCA

How to Redeem Reward BCA

BCA rewards can be exchanged or redeemed by making transactions at participating merchants. Specifically for Singapore Airlines BCA Visa Card, rewards are in the form of Singapore Airlines mileage.

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