26 May 2019 | Edukatips

Access Halo BCA via WhatsApp Chat

You must have had problems and questions about BCA information and promos, banking products and other financial solutions. In that case, you will usually contact Halo BCA to get solutions.

Now, Halo BCA also serves customers via WhatsApp. You can chat with BCA’s Whatsapp official business account to ask about information and BCA promos 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Tips to Recognize and Save BCA WhatsApp

  1. Remember! BCA’s official WhatsApp number is 0811-1500-998
  2. BCA’s official Whatsapp is named “Bank BCA
  3. There is a green verified badge on BCA’s account profile indicating it is an official account.
  4. On the profile information detail, there is a BCA profile picture, BCA’s address, BCA’s email address, BCA’s website, and BCA’s tagline as status.
  5. Save BCA WhatsApp 0811-1500-998 in your phone contact by using the contact name “Bank BCA” ,so the verified badge will be displayed.
  6. If you save it using other names other than “Bank BCA” (for instance, “Halo BCA”, “WA Bank BCA”, etc.) then:
    • On iPhone, the verified logo will not be displayed in the chat room.
    • On Android, the verified logo in the chatroom will be displayed on the sub-name (under the contact name)
    • On both Android and iPhone, the account profile is named Bank BCA with a verified badge.

How to Access BCA WhatsApp

  1. Open BCA WhatsApp 0811-1500-998 in your phone contact
  2. You can start the chat by typing the keyword #HaloBCA.
  3. You can chat with BCA WhatsApp by using text or image in jpg, jpeg, and png formats (BCA WhatsApp cannot serve WhatsApp Video Call and WhatsApp Voice Call)
  4. You will receive a reply in the form of a thank you note and terms & conditions information
  5. Next, you will be connected to Halo BCA Contact Center Officer
  6. If you do not give any response to the Halo BCA Contact Center Officer within 2 minutes, the Contact Center Officer will automatically end the chat.
  7. Finally, you will receive a link to rate the BCA WhatsApp’s service

It is so easy to access any information about BCA products and services.

Besides WhatsApp, you can also contact Halo BCA at:

  • Halo BCA phone 1500888
  • Twitter @haloBCA
  • Email halobca@bca.co.id
  • Web chat Halo BCA via BCA website at www.bca.co.id.

Let’s try it!