10 Apr 2019 | Edukatips

Tips For Convenient Savings Account Opening via BCA mobile

Opening a BCA savings account via BCA mobile on your smartphone now gets simpler. Just click the “Buka Rekening Baru” menu on your BCA mobile homepage.

Please remember, opening a savings account via BCA mobile must use a new phone number that you haven’t registered on BCA mobile.

Here are the Tips On Opening BCA Savings Account Smoothly!

  1. Make sure your smartphone’s specification fits the minimum requirement
    • The minimum operating system is iOS 13 or Android 7
    • Has enough phone credit for sending an SMS, and
    • Has enough, stable internet connection and quota for a 5 to 15 minutes video call.
    • Use a single SIM card. Because the dual SIM card sometimes cannot receive the SMS. Hot tips: turn off one of your SIM cards temporarily by removing it from the phone.

  2. Personal information/documents to prepare
    • You are an Indonesian citizen (WNI) with a valid e-KTP. Otherwise, the account opening cannot be performed.
    • Have a personal email address.
    • Clear photos of a signed e-KTP (full, uncut, not blurred, and with good lighting).
    • Clear photos of your face (clear and good quality photo, good lighting, and unblocked from any item).
    • If one of the documents is still unacceptable, the video call CSO will ask you to retake your photo.

  3. Verify your data through a video call with HaloBCA Customer Service
    • Prepare your e-KTP as the CSO will do the reconfirmation.
    • Video call can be done every day including public holiday:
      • Tahapan Gold open account: 6 AM – 8 PM
      • Tahapan and Tahapan Xpressi open account: 6 AM – 10 PM (Effective on 24 November 2022)
    • When about to start a video call you feel like rescheduling the session, then you can request it with a time limit of 7 (seven) calendar days, by doing the followings:
      • Click “Lain Waktu” or “Log Out” (on the top right).
      • To re-login, click “Buka Rekening Baru”.
      • Enter the access code, you will then automatically enter the video call screen.

Other Things You Need to Know:

  • Read the card and savings product information and pick according to your needs.
  • The opened account is for your own interests only and cannot be transferred to other hands.
  • Choose the nearest office branch to your home or office.
  • If your BCA account has Rp0 (zero rupiah) balance and hasn’t made any debit or credit transactions in 12 months in a row, your account will automatically be closed.
  • The Paspor BCA card facilities are digital. If you need the physical Paspor card, you may visit the nearest office branch or go to CS Digital machine and bring the e-KTP.
  • If you need the passbook for Tahapan Gold or Tahapan BCA, you can visit the nearest office branch and bring the e-KTP.
  • If you need the passbook (except Xpresi - savings without a passbook), you can visit the nearest BCA office branch and bring the e-KTP.

Now, go and try to experience the easy process of Buka Tabungan on BCA mobile!

A Tutorial to Open An Account on BCA Mobile

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