28 Jan 2019 | Edukatips

Paying Vehicle Tax Made Easy

A law-abiding citizen pays taxes. Have you paid your vehicle tax?

Previously, you had to visit the Vehicle Document Registration Center (Samsat) at the nearest Police office. The challenge was time. People knew how hard it is to get the time to visit Samsat. Some people even have to hire a third party to go to Samsat and finish the business.

As technology is advancing, BCA in cooperation with Samsat offices provides e-Samsat services for taxpayers. The e-Samsat facility allows you to pay your vehicle taxes online via ATM BCA.

Today, BCA has been in cooperation with:

  • Samsat West Java (Jabar) with province code of 032
  • Samsat East Kalimantan (Kaltim) with province code of 064
  • Samsat Central Java (Jateng) with province code of 033

Now, How to Pay Vehicle Tax via e-Samsat?


Send an SMS in the following formats:

  1. For vehicles registered in the West Java (Jabar) area: esamsat (space) numb. Chassis (space) NIK KTP, send to 08112119211
  2. For vehicles registered in East Kalimantan (Kaltim) area: esamsat (space) numb. Police (example: esamsat KT-1234-ABC), send to 08115857070

After that, you will receive a reply: vehicle specification, amount of invoice and pay code from Samsat. With the pay code, you can make a payment at ATM BCA.


  1. Taxpayers download and install the Sakpole app (Sistem Administrasi Kendaraan Pajak Online) Jateng.
  2. Taxpayers register to the Sakpole app by entering the Police Number, ID number, and the last 5 (five) digit Chassis Number.
  3. The Sakpole system will verify, and if the data is matched, the tax amount and pay code will show on the Sakpole app screen.
  4. Taxpayers must do the payment at ATM BCA by inputting the pay code obtained.

e-Samsat is one of BCA’s commitments to providing practicality to BCA customers, especially for vehicle owners.

Now, with an easy online payment using ATM BCA, there is no reason to delay your annual vehicle tax payment. Just spare 5 minutes to pay them.


So, how was it? Have you paid your car tax this year?