17 Dec 2018 | Edukatips

4 (Four) Benefits of Foreign Currency Transactions Using BCA e-Rate

*Update : 4 April 2023

If you are used to foreign exchange transactions, you should check this out.

Introducing e-Rate BCA, a solution for those who frequently transact using foreign exchange. BCA e-Rate is a special rate that can be enjoyed by BCA e-Banking users (KlikBCA Bisnis, KlikBCA, BCA mobile, and ATM) when making transfer transactions. 

What are the benefits?

4 (Four) Benefits of Using BCA e-rate :

  1. Transactions with e-Rate electronic channels can give you better exchange rates than the counter rates at the teller.
  2. It can be quite inconvenient when you have to go to a branch to make foreign exchange transactions using physical money. With e-rate, you no longer need to do it.
  3. BCA e-Rate serves transactions in 14 currencies: USD, SGD, HKD, CHF, GBP, AUD, JPY, DKK, CAD, EUR, SAR, NZD, CNY, SEK (specifically for KlikBCA Bisnis - KBB). For KlikBCA, ATM, m-BCA and BCA by Phone (BBP) : USD and SGD.
  4. Electronic e-rate transactions are safer and occur in real time. With a real-time system, we can follow the development of the 14 foreign currencies during transaction hours.

BCA e-Rate Information is Accessible via:

  1. myBCA (at Kur Mata Uang widget)
  2. BCA mobile (m-info – Info Kurs USD & SGD)
  3. VIRA (chat with Bank BCA – type “kurs”)
  4. BCA Website (www.bca.co.id and www.klikbca.com)
  5. BCA ATM/ATM Star
  6. KlikBCA (Info kurs)
  7. KlikBCA Bisnis (Info kurs – 14 currencies)

BCA e-Rate Transactions can be Performed via:

  1. BCA mobile (Transfer ke Rekening BCA Dollar)
  2. KlikBCA (Transfer ke Rekening BCA Dollar)
  3. KlikBCA Bisnis (Transfer dan Outward Remittance)
  4. BCA By Phone
  5. BCA ATM/ATM Star, and Cirrus/Master Card network (Tambahan Margin)
  6. EDC NETS - Singapore

Foreign exchange transactions with e-rate are now simple, easy and profitable, everything can happen in your hands.