15 Oct 2018 | Edukatips

How to Buy Game Online Voucher at UniPin Using Sakuku

Are you an online game enthusiast? Wondering about simple and beneficial way to buy online game vouchers? Here’s how.

How to Top-Up Sakuku in UniPin

  • Register in online stores that sell online game vouchers.
  • After you are registered, you will see the following display on your profile. Choose Sakuku.

  • Choose the amount, click submit.

  • The following display will show. Enter your mobile phone number, click login.

  • A QR Code will appear. Confirm the transaction, click Bayar.

  • Sakuku will proceed with the QR-Code selfie process.

  • Enter PIN

  • The transaction is successful.

How to Buy A Game Voucher

  • Type your game voucher name in the Search box.

  • Click the game voucher that you want to buy.

  • Choose purchase using wallet and then enter a security code.

  • Game voucher purchase is successful.