18 Dec 2020 | Edukatips

Why You Should Activate Your Credit Card PIN

Do you have a credit card? For payment at cashiers, are you still using a signature? This is why you should activate your credit card PIN and make transactions using a PIN.

Reasons why you should activate credit card PIN

Here’s why:

  1. Starting from 1 July 2020, all credit card transactions must use a PIN. So, guys, while there is still enough time, let’s activate your credit card PIN and start using a PIN to make transactions using a credit card before PIN becomes mandatory.
  2. When you travel overseas, in several countries it is mandatory for credit card transactions to use a PIN. Activate your PIN now before you cannot use your credit card.

Why did BI require PIN in every credit card transaction starting 1 July 2020?

  1. In Indonesia, merchants’ cashiers sometimes do not verify cardholders’ signatures.
  2. When PIN becomes mandatory, there will be less risk of your credit card being misused by other people if you lose your card because the PIN is only known by the cardholders.

So, activate your credit card PIN and make it a habit to make transactions using your 6-digit PIN starting now!

There are 3 ways of activating credit card PIN

Here’s how to activate credit card PIN:

  1. Activate your credit card  PIN via BCA mobile app:
    • Enter m-Admin feature, select Aktivasi Kartu Kredit;
    • Select buat/ubah PIN, and select “Buat PIN
    • Choose which Credit Card you want to create a PIN for, then input your PIN;
    • Your credit card PIN is now active.
  2. Activate your credit card PIN through BCA website www.bca.co.id/creditcard by filling in the following Verifikasi Data form to verify your data.

    Click here

    • After pressing “Proses”, select “Aktivasi PIN
    • Choose a card you want to activate
    • Enter the 6-digit “Kode Otentikasi” or authentication code that you received via SMS, and then press “Proses
    • Enter the new 6-digit PIN, and press “Proses
    • You will receive a notification SMS
  3. Activate your credit card PIN via BCA ATM, by entering the authentication code sent through BCA SMS after your credit card is activated:
    • Insert credit card, select “Aktivasi PIN
    • Enter 6-digit “Kode Otentikasi” or authentication code you received via SMS, press “Benar” to confirm.
    • If valid, press “Lanjutkan” to continue and enter 6-digit your new PIN (2X)
    • Your PIN is now active, you will receive a notification SMS.

*To request Authentication Code, you can type in REQ<SPACE>KODE<SPACE>OTENTIKASI#BCA credit card number. Example: REQ KODE OTENTIKASI#1234567812345678, and send an SMS to 89888.


What if cardholders forget their credit card PIN?


If that happens, do not panic, cardholders can create a new PIN by following the same steps as activating PIN for the first time.

Activate your credit card PIN and use PIN for transactions.

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