• Flazz

    Multifunction card for fast transaction and easy payment on transportation

Get to Know the Product

We combine quick transactions with chip and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology into one Flazz card. Pay in seconds, and speed up your daily transactions easily.


Enjoy the convenience of paying with Flazz without having to carry large sums of cash or keep small change and coins in your wallet. Conduct transactions easily by placing Flazz card on the card reader for instant payment. Flazz card is multifunctional and can be used to pay at food and beverage, minimarket, supermarket, hypermarket, gas station, parking, book store, recreation, public transport (Transjakarta, Commuter Line Jabodetabek, and Trans Jogja) and many more merchants at more than 57 thousand outlets. Flazz top up using cash is now available.

Paspor BCA : BCA branch, ATM BCA Non-Cash, Top Up Center Flazz, and/or EDC machine at merchants with Top Up Flazz logo, such as: Alfa Express, Alfamart, Alfa Midi, Circle K, Es Teler 77, Indomaret, Lawson, Solaria, Superindo, Toko Buku Gramedia, etc.

Top up using cash : Alfa Express, Alfamart, Alfa Midi, Es Teler 77, Lawson, and Gramedia book store.

For merchants
There are many benefits Flazz can offer to merchants, such as:
Speeds up transactions without having to check for bill authenticity or count cash payment. Additionally, it eases cash handling and transaction report.

Get the Product

Get your own Flazz card at the nearest BCA branch, Flazz sales booth, and Flazz distributing merchant.

Flazz card refill is available in multiples of Rp 20.000. Maximum card balance is Rp 2 million**.

*Flazz is available in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali, Makassar, Palembang, Bandar Lampung, Pekanbaru, Medan, Batam, Padang, Banjarmasin, Serang, Cirebon, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Manado, and Pontianak

**Effective, June 1st 2018

The content is not available in this version yet.

User Guide

Starterpack Flazz Card

Starterpack Content
Starterpack Flazz Card contains Flazz Card, Flazz Card manual, as well as terms and conditions. Cardholders will receive the starter pack when purchasing Flazz Card at partner merchants or BCA branch.  How to Start Transactions
To conduct transactions, cardholders will have to top up beforehand. 

II.    Top up
Top up is available at Electronic Data Capture (EDC) BCA at Flazz merchants or at ATM Non-Cash.

A.  Topping up at merchant:

Inform the cashier of the top up amount. Swipe your PAspor BCA Card on the EDC machine. Press Enter. Enter top up amount. Press Enter. Enter Paspor BCA Card PIN. Insert Flazz Card into EDC machine. If transaction is successful, top up amount will be automatically added and receipt will be printed. Remove Flazz Card from machine.

B. Topping up at ATM or ATM Non-cash:

Insert ATM BCA Card into ATM / ANT. Enter Paspor BCA Card PIN. Select Flazz menu. Select Top Up menu. Enter Top Up amount. Press “Correct”. Withdraw Paspor BCA Card and insert Flazz Card into ATM/ANT. Previous balance and top up amount will be shown. Press “Correct”. Enter Paspor BCA Card PIN*. If transaction is successful, top up amount will be automatically added and receipt will be printed. Remove Flazz Card from machine.

* PIN confirmation only available at ANT

III.   Flazz Card balance inquiry
Cardholder may check Flazz Card balance using EDC BCA at Flazz merchants or ATM Non-Cash.

A. Checking Flazz Card balance at merchant:

Place Flazz Card on the Reader. Reader will automatically show Flazz Card balance.

B. Checking Flazz Card balance at ATM Non-Cash (ANT):

Insert Flazz Card into ANT, and do not pull out until transaction in done. ANT will show Flazz Card balance. Press “Done” and remove Flazz Card.

IV. Payment transaction

Make sure the amount shown on the reader matches payment amount. Place Flazz Card on the reader. If transaction is successful, Flazz Card balance will be automatically reduced by the payment amount. Please make sure Flazz Card balance is correct.

V.  Flazz Card Limit 

Minimum Top Up is Rp 20.000. Maximum balance is Rp 2.000.000.*

*Effective, June 1st 2018

 VI. What you need to know about Flazz Card

Flazz Card can be used by anyone other than the original cardholder. If Flazz Card is lost or stolen, BCA cannot replace or block the card. When conducting payment transaction, Flazz Card must be placed on the reader. Please keep Flazz Card in a safe location to prevent damage due to breakage, scratch, or heat.

If Flazz Card transaction encounters a problem, cardholders should contact BCA branch office.

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