Term Condition Cookies

  1. What are cookies?
    Cookies are small pieces of text that a website sends to and stores on a computer, smartphone, or other devices to access the internet from websites you visit. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device.
  2. How do cookies make our websites safer and easier to use?
    The use of cookies is common and can be very helpful. We use cookies on our website to create a secure and effective web for users. Cookies allow us to improve your experience while using our website and ensure the web performs as expected.
  3. Cookies help us personalize web content and cater to visitors’ preferences. We use cookies to protect your privacy. Our website does not use cookies to collect personal information from your computer. We never retain passwords or similarly sensitive data in cookies.
  4. We use analytics cookies to help analyze how users use this website. By showing how and when visitors use our web, cookies help us identify which pages are popular and which are not and how we can improve them for you.
  5. Can cookies send personal information to other people?
    We use ‘analytic’ cookies on this website to share information with analytics providers that are not of a personal nature.

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How can you manage your cookies? The browsers of most computers, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices are usually set up to accept cookies. You have the option to control them and, if you wish, block them completely by configuring your internet browsers. Please refer to the documentation for your browser to change your preference.

Please note that cookies are used to enable and improve certain functions on our website. If you choose to disable certain cookies, it may affect how our site works.

To learn more about how we protect your privacy when using our website, please see our Privacy Policy.